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Dated Released : January 2010
Quality : DVDRip
Country : Indonesia
Starring : Ringgo Agus R, Vincent Rompies, Wiwid G
Genre : Comedy


The story opens with life Ones (Ringo Agus Rahman) who live together engkongnya (Henk Solomon) in Jakarta. Ones had to become taxi drivers in order to support him and engkongnya. Although life was always a mediocre but always want happy engkongnya Ones. He was desperate to buy an electric massage chair for engkongnya. Since no money, no matter borrow Ones in Bos Rambo (Boneng), a loan shark. Of the two million to five million rupiah flowering.

For a Ones, five million are not small numbers. Especially if he kept delaying to pay the debt, the interest charged him Rambo will be even greater. Until one day a passenger gets Ones TKW Arab origin, Ning (Wiwid Gunawan), which is delivered to Indramayu. In exchange for five million rupiah, was not menampiknya Ones.

In the journey, the taxi that brought Ning to his hometown even strike. For fear of not getting the promised five million Ning, Ning Ones desperate to hold up to the house. At home Ning, it turns out the money of five million are still not in the hands of Ones. Again, Ning promised greater benefits, ie ten million dollars if Ones want to pretend to be as a prospective husband Ning in front of the father (Kadir) and mother (Ira Wibowo) Ning.

Although a little hesitant, Ones approve the plan Ning. It turned out that pretending to be prospective husband is not as easy as it seems Ning. He must deal with Cecelia (Vincent Rompies), village youths who put hearts on Ning.




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