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Mozart’s Sister (2010) Movie Poster

Mozart’s Sister (2010)


Mozart’s Sister (2010) Movie Poster

Nannerl, la soeur de Mozart (2010)

Runtime: 120 min
Genre : Biography | Drama | Music
Movie Release : 9 June 2010 (France)
Director: René Féret
Writer: René Féret (scenario)
Stars: Marie Féret, Marc Barbé, Delphine Chuillot
Country: France
Language: French



Beginning in 1763, the film follows the Mozart family’s exhausting life on the road, traveling by coach from one royal court to the next, where the nobility marvel at young Wolfgang’s prodigious talent. But accomplished singer, harpsichordist, violinist Nannerl, Wolfgang’s elder by five years, first held forth as the family’s infant prodigy. At the film begins, she is still performing, though overshadowed and sidelined as accompanist by Wolfgang’s growing fame. Her father bows to social strictures “for her own good,” refusing to let her continue with the violin or compose, while privately conceding Nannerl’s talent to his wife. No longer a precocious tot, Nannerl chafes at the limitations imposed by her gender and frets about her prospects.


Wolfgang Mozart’s older sister was exceptionally talented. And, as she grew, her family discouraged her and put all their energy into her brother and pushed her to marry and have a family. All this is shown in the film and cannot really be refuted. However, the filmmaker’s have decided to take some liberties–to ASSUME certain things about Maria Mozart that we simply do not know to be true today. In that sense, it’s quite a bit like “Amadeus”–fictionalizing history a bit here and there. The story has a strong feminist bent–and even goes so far as to attribute much of Wolfgang’s talent to her! This is rather dubious, as Wolfgang clearly was insanely gifted. It’s an intriguing idea–but there really isn’t any basis for this assertion. Now this complete fiction COULD have worked–but the rest of the story is incredibly dull–very, very mannered, slow and lacking anything to hook the viewer. ‘What if’ just isn’t enough to carry the rest of the film and I felt EXTREMELY restless as the film progresses. My butt also fell asleep–and it’s a great judge of whether or not a film is too tedious!

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