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Dated Released : 9 July 2010
Quality : DVDRip
Country : India
Starring : Kareena Kapoor, Shahid Kapur, Aarti Chhabria
Genre : Bollywood | Drama | Romance


Tarot Card Reader, Sunita Rao, informs Vasant Vihar-based idealist Priya Malhotra that she will meet her soul-mate on a beach in a foreign country. While in Bangkok she meets Immy, believes he is the one, but realizes that he had wooed her by stealing her diary. She decides to test destiny by asking him to fulfill three conditions – first of which is to attend on the same floor of a hotel; second: to locate a book on numerology that contains her name & phone number; and lastly asks him to write his contact details on a 50 Rupee note. She spends the money, and the book is left at a used bookstore. If both items are located by them, they truly are meant for each other. Immy is unable to locate her on any floor in the Hotel, and both re-locate – she to Mumbai and he to America. Three years later their marriages have been arranged with Sofiya Arora and Jatin, but neither are even close to locating the book nor the 50 Rupee note.




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