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mandi dalam lumpur pics

Mandi Dalam Lumpur


mandi dalam lumpur pics

Film Mandi Dalam Lumpur

Country : Indonesia
Genre : Drama, Adult
Cast : Anna Tairas, Yayuk Suseno, Anwar Fuady, Johan Saimima, Nizar Zulmi


Hesti (Anna Tairas) as the eldest, after the SLTA, wanted to take responsibility for helping the economy of the parents, especially her sisters to school. He was desperate to go to Jakarta and intends to stay at his uncle’s house. It turns out his uncle’s house was demolished. Finally Hesti stranded and living in a brothel. Hesti sacrifice was not in vain. His family was more prosperous. And because his sister Nita (Yayuk Suseno) engaged, Hesti home. It turned out that his sister was engaged to Guntur (Nizar Zulmi), one customer in the room did not do anything about it. But there are other guests who are also customers of brothels, which had annoyed by Hesti. Customers who happened to this brother’s friends, the whistle-blowing Hesti. Upset the whole family, except father Hesti. Hesti run and was about to commit suicide on the seafront. Father and Anwar (Johan Saimima), which since the beginning of love Hesti, thwarting the intention of suicide.

Mandi Dalam Lumpur Movie Scene


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