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Mafia Insyaf

Mafia Insyaf

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Dated Released : 28 October 2010
Quality : VCDRip
country : Indonesia
Starring : Atiqah Hasiholan, Tora Sudiro, Indah Kalalo
Genre : Action

Synopsis Film Mafia Insyaf

Kendra is the heir to the throne of the head of gang Tiger polkadot. Together with the Babe (Jaja Miharja) and her siblings Romi (Ferry Ardiansyah) also Jodi (Kiran Shindhu). As the oldest child, Kendra is expected to get married. Moreover, her sister, Romi has been married to Mey (Anindhika), Batak women are fierce but actually kindly. How not fierce, because the Romi was known playboy.

Losing his old lover, Seli, make Kendra always dismiss candidates who introduced him. Bejo (Zaki Zimah), assistant Kendra, also has been a headache to find a boyfriend for Kendra because there are never any girl who appealed to him. Until finally Kendra accidentally met with Selma (Atiqah Hasiholan) which turned out to work as police commissioner. Selma often disguised to complete each case. Pretty girl like this makes life Kendra Seli excited again. Their meeting occurred because of the Axe gang being chased Selma who is also the enemy Tigers Purple polka-dot. Chairman of the Axe gang Purple (Beau Kalalo) provides that create Selma passed out drinks. Kendra helped after subordinates beat Purple Axe. Kendra then bring Selma to his home. Had a misunderstanding because of Selma think Kendra has been raped. In, Selma wake up before I know her clothes had changed. Selma finally know if Kendra had indeed helped him.

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