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lupus 4

Lupus 4


lupus 4

Lupus 4 | Anak Mami Sudah Besar

Release Date :1990
Genre : Drama

Country : Indonesia
Director : Deddy Armand
Producer : KS Ramesh, Mahtani MadhuS
Writer : Hilman Hariwijaya
Cast/stars : Ryan Hidayat, Paramitha Rusady, Firda Kussler, Nike Ardila, Laila Sari, Paul Polii.
Theme By: Fariz RM
Cinematography :Max J. Pakasi
Duration : 94 menit


Graduated from high school, Lupus is not accepted in public universities and forbid his mother to sell jewelry heritage that Lupus can enter a private school and closed the debt. Lupus ask for an advance of the magazine where he often wrote with the promise of writing about teenage girls who like to go home early. He then interviewed and approached Pia} {Paramitha Brothers who go to discos every night because in the cramped house. Her father was a widower, only scold him alone but rarely at home. Disco is a place of entertainment. He was not like other girls disco, which is also free sex and so on. Pia had written about inviting me wrong, then Preach Lupus. And it is said, his father then wanted to change her attitude. Pia’s story is woven with: catch a frog, a job that failed

Lupus 4 Movie Scene

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