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Love in Disguise


love in disguise poster
Title : Love in Disguise (2010)
Original Title : Lian ai tong gao
Release Date :12 August 2010 (China)
Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin
Runtime : 98 min
Director: Leehom Wang
Writers: Leehom Wang, Xin Yi Du
Stars: Leehom Wang, Yifei Liu and Joan Chen
Genre : Comedy | Romance

Reviews Movie Love in Disguise

TAIWAN pretty boy Wang LeeHom should stick to singing, dancing, making records or whatever he does best – but not directing films. I came to this conclusion just 10 minutes into “Love In Disguise”, a right royal mess of a love story in which he plays a guy almost like himself. Even a veteran film-maker like Joan Chen could do nothing to salvage this wreck of a movie.

The film deals with heart-throb pop singer Du Ming-Han (Wang LeeHom) who lives the lonely existence of the pop idol, always in the limelight and under the scrutiny of the media and his legions of fans. His manager Joan Chen (playing herself?) tries to protect him being mobbed but DMH has a habit of disguising himself to escape from his pursuers.

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