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laskar pelangi-movieposter

Date Released : 25 September 2008
Quality : Good
Country : Indonesia
Stars : Cut Mini, Ikranagara, Tora Sudiro
Genre : Drama, Education


Laskar Pelangi film is told in the late 70s, on an island called K islands near Sumatra. The island is rich in tin, but an exploitation of the country at the time.

Tersebutlah a Muhammadiyah primary school which was difficult to open new classes. They got the ultimatum for a minimum of 10 students can gather in order to survive. For Mother Muslimah (Cut Mini) and Pak Harfan (Ikranagara), it is not easy task. SD Muhammadiyah is the first Islamic primary school in Belitong. The condition of these schools have been unsuitable. School buildings are dilapidated with a perforated roof leaked when it rained and would arrive. Because of globalization and the need for modern education into the school shifted its existence avoided by many people. However, with SD Muhammadiyah bother finally managed to gather 10 students to open a new class.

The school, lies the Curly (Zulfani), latitude (Ferdian) and Mahar (Veris Yamarno). Latitude is a bright child who was educated by the severity of nature. Armed with reading newspapers, magazines, latitude be a child of the most intelligent among others. His house was located deep in the coastal areas requires her to be up early to go to school. Not to mention when he had to pass through the usual crocodile wallow near the road which he used to pass their way to school. Curly is a child who is always curious and always trying to learn. While Mahar with a flamboyant style and his battered radio around his neck is a good figure for art. Because of compactness to 10 children, eventually they were dubbed by Bu Mus as Laskar Pelangi.

On the other hand, lies the PN Timah Primary School which is a favorite and be completed by the circles.

To 10 children were tested with various trials for the sake of continuity of school in which they gain knowledge. Bu Mus obstinacy in guiding them to make these schools remain cheerful. But after the death of Mr. Harfan, Bu Mus be devastated and the children learn a little terlantarkan in teaching.




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