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Keumala movie poster

Keumala (2012)


Keumala movie poster

Film Keumala

Runtime : 104 min
Genre : Drama
Release Date : 1 March 2012 (Indonesia)
Director: Andi Pulung Waluyo
Writer: Dirmawan Hatta
Stars:Abimana Aryasatya, Nadia Vega, Shilla Vaqa Ismi, Cut Yanti, Arturo GP, Islamuddin, Mahdi Spn, Syeh Jakaria




Sky, photographers, lovers of travel, “search” twilight. Initially he ran over his disappointment with his past who prefer to capture the moment children are injured in an area of conflict rather than help him. Escape actually taught a lot. She held a photo exhibition themed evening sky on a ship.

On the ship, he got into an argument that harass another annoying idealism. The debate with the author and creator of the sketch are pretty but stubborn, Keumala. Keumala accused the sky no more than a robot exploiting feelings, who are willing to get good moments without asking permission subject of the photo. This debate makes them closer and understand each other. On the ship, they met a smart girl nosy mothers awaiting simultaneously optimistic yet been found post-tsunami Aceh.

They also learn about the wisdom of life through the stories of fathers Inong hum. Familiarity they continue to exists, until Keumala also took the sky to not just sail on a ship but went on to Sabang, continue the search of the most beautiful sunset in the zero kilometer Indonesia.

In Sabang, Keumala it blasted again by questions about love. Once he knew he was actually sentenced to suffer from retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative diseases that can lead to blindness.

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