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Dated Released : 3 September 2009
Quality : VCDRip
Country : Indonesia
Starring : Poppy Sovia, Migi Parahita, Sadha Triyudha
Genre : Horror


The story begins with a group of film crew who will make the film in Yogyakarta. The team consists of director (Miea Kusuma), assistant director (Sada Triyudha), production manager (Dimas Projosujadi), as well as two major players (Migi Parahita and Diaz Ardiawan) and the team assigned to document the activities behind the scenes (Poppy Sovia and Brama Sutarasa ) departs from Yogyakarta to Bantul, Yogyakarta.

Arriving in Bantul, they immediately make preparations. But it turns out the lifestyle of the metropolis brought from Jakarta harass ‘the residents’ who are in the set is. Finally, one by one bizarre incident over to the crew of this film, until at the climax the protagonist (Migi) was possessed by spirits.

Paranormal was brought in to help expel these spirits. But unfortunately they failed, because ‘the residents’that exists in that location trigger ‘angry’ that the situation had become worse. In fact, the main character who has been possessed by the spirits disappear without a trace.




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