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kenikmatan terlarang poster

Kenikmatan Terlarang


kenikmatan terlarang poster
Release : 1996
Producer: Ram Soraya
Country : Indonesian
Director: Proke
Writer : S Dalimunthe, Merry Asmara
Cast: Malfin Shayna, Teguh Yulianto, Windy Chindyana, Andy J Madjid, Lela Anggraini, Yolanda Devi
Genre : Drama, Adult


Vinel from Surabaya to Jakarta to continue college. He stayed at his aunt’s house, Lies. One night Vinel aunt caught making out with Jackson. Vinel know that Jackson’s college friends who plunged into the arms of an uncle who claims the ad filmmaker. Vinel survived because of the help Hans. Another time she caught making out with a carpenters helper vegetable customers. Lust with her ​​boyfriend tried muted Ardan. Apparently this Ardan also brushed by Lies. So he invited Ardan making out too, until he was expelled by Lies. Vinel terlunta-lunta and so lower-class prostitute. His meeting with his former college friend, Mira, making it “promoted” to the classroom a place of entertainment. Hans came to rescue and marry her, although Lies attempted slander.

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