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Date Released : 12 January 2009
Quality : DVDRip
Country : Indonesia
Starring : Zumi Zola, Vincent Ryan Rompies, Nana Mirdad
Genre : Comedy


Starting from the group consisting cupu The Gigs of Menfo (Yogi Aldi), Judge (Aditya), and Fredo (Hardi Fadillah), who desperately wants to feel the sensation of sex for the first time. They tried to ask Jody (Ricky Harun) as a teacher who can teach how to be able to get a pair.

Jodi who previously lived luxurious, must swallow the bitter truth because her father was arrested by KPK for involvement in corruption. Her life had changed drastically and he should pay his own tuition.

At one point Jody met with Kang Sono (Lukman Sardi) somewhere. Their fate was the same that is to become the new poor. Jody who is racked his brain to find tuition money, apparently got the bright idea to come Trio The Gigs that want to feel the sensation of sex without risk willing to contract marriage. Kang Sono also helped in this business.

The Gigs finally brought to the Foundation belongs Maung Bos (Teno Ali), in the village of Pakelonan. This foundation will accommodate a village girl who is sent to the city to be employed as a high class prostitute. Menfo, Judge, and Freddie had to pay and chose the girl who will be married the contract.
But one of them there are no smooth way while experimenting sex. Sasi (Thalita Latif), so it’s always failed experiment. Sassi was sold by her parents to the foundation Maung to provide for his family.

In Jody’s journey eventually reunited with his wife Euis manta mating previous contract. Euis was trying to help Sassi from the clutches of the boss Maung.

Until finally Sus Miranda (Cut Mini), the big boss from Jakarta came in and wanted to send some girls to Jakarta., And knowing that Sassi is still perwan and want it because there are colleagues in Jakarta who will pay dearly.

The action was inevitable fight between the parties Kang Sono and Jody with the Boss Maung




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