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kabayan jadi milyuner poster

Kabayan Jadi Milyuner


kabayan jadi milyuner poster

Dated Released : 23 December 2010
Quality : VCDRip
Country : Indonesia
Starring : Jamie Aditya, Meriam Bellina, Rianti Cartwright
Genre : Comedy | Drama

Synopsis Film Kabayan Jadi Milyuner

Attendance to the village Iteung tersbeut make Kabayan immediately fell in love. But it turns out he comes with a special mission. Iteung Bos, real estate entrepreneur Rocky (Christian Sugiono) wants to buy the land was to be boarding resorts. But it was the intention of the Rocky Boss could not he easily carried right hand Ustad Soleh, a plain but clever young man named Kabayan flatly refused the offer.

Together with his friend Armasan (Aming), Kabayan successfully make Rocky Boss dizzy. But when Boss Kabayan Rocky realizes that falling in love with the accountant, Iteung. Rocky Boss found the most effective way to defeat Kabayan. Rocky Boss ordered Iteung to become a spy, Kabayan trap so he would sign a land purchase agreement with the lure of love. Iteung so could not refuse, even outsmart Boss Rocky parents, Abah (Didi Petet) and Ambu (Meriam Belina), in order to participate deceive Kabayan. To both parents Iteung it, Boss Rocky gave promise that he will continue to preserve the natural village and even founded a mosque in the name of Abah.

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