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Dated Released : 17 December 2010
Quality : DVDRip
Country :India
Language :Hindi
Starring : Raj Arjun, Swini Khara and Prashant Kumar
Genre : Horror | Bollywood

Review | KAALO movie

Horror genre no longer carry the stigma of a B-grade outing delivering ample skin show under the hoods (yup, read that Ramsays). Thanks to continuous patronage from industry stalwarts like Ramgopal Varma and Vikram Bhatt who elevated the genre to a different level. Over period of time the horror genre has developed a substantial fan-base in India and movies like “Kaalo” precisely caters to this niche audience.

Using darkness is a standard scare tactic in any horror/ slasher movie. The USP of “Kaalo” is the ability to send the shiver down the spine in the broad daylight (the term “scaring the living daylights was never so apt!). This in itself deserves a big kudos!!

The characterisation of “Kaalo” bears resemblance to quite a few. The underground movements are akin to “Screamers”. The flight and swoop is inspired from “Jeepers Creepers”. In close-up it bears similarity to “Darth Maul” (hey, no complaints!!). Introducing “Kaalo” to the audience seemed rushed. And yes, the weapon used by “Kaalo” is quite unique.

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