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Date Released : 9 February 2006
Quality : –
Country : Indonesia
Starring : Dennis A, Rianti Cartwright, Ringgo
Genre : Drama | Comedy

Synopsis Film JOMBLO

Singh talked about the process of finding love with four friends, who live and study in Bandung, one armed, one majoring in Civil Engineering, State University of Bandung. They are Agus (Ringo Agus Rahman) is idealistic and normative, Doni (Christian Sugiono), the playboy, Olip / Olifiyan (Rizki Hanggono) the shy, and Ben (Dennis Adishwara) who do not have adequate physical capital to get a girlfriend.

For Agus, courtship is to get married and have the ideal household. Candidate’s wife must have the nature of motherhood. Doni very pragmatic in thinking about women. Sex, sex and sex become important word in dating relationships.

To Doni was, Olip learn how to conquer women. Including heart beat Asri. Asri is the idol of the heart Olip. Over the past three years can only be harbored Olip love without ever able to express it. Meanwhile, Ben is aware he is physically difficult to attract the hearts of women with the same confidence to seduce and “hunt” them.

Problems started toward them when, Doni began dating Asri. In fact Asri is idol of the heart of Olip. Their friendship began to crack because of the problem.

How do four of them address and settle these issues?

JOMBLO movie Scene


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