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Date Released : 7 May 2009
Quality : -
Country : Indonesian
Production Co: StarVision
Starring : Ringgo Agus Rahman, Luna Maya, Sarah Sechan
Genre : Comedy

Resensi Film Janda Kembang

Widow Flower Films tells the story of Basil or Asih (Luna Maya) which is a newcomer to the village of Pulo Pillow, a suburb of Jakarta. Asih directly into idol married men in the village because of her beautiful face, sexy, melodious voice.

Asih then joined the band led Dodirama Dodi (Ringo Agus) as a singer. This music group a hard sell since the presence Asih. Asih appearance on stage and off stage often make their wives so upset because her husband forgot to have a wife. With the presence Asih, make Yuli Tones (Sarah Sechan) wife Dodi, become displaced as the main singer. Yuli feels threatened both in the band or its position in the household.

Yuli began to provoke the mothers Pillow Pulo village to hate Asih. Yuli was defamatory Asih as decision husband of the liver. Society also began labeling Basil as a prostitute, a mistress and so forth. Things start getting hot, they are jealous want to expel Asih from Pulo Pillow.

Can Asih survive with all that?




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