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Hick 2011 Movie Poster

Hick (2011)

Hick 2011 Movie Poster
Hick (2011)
Runtime: 99 min
Genre : Comedy, Drama
Movie Release : 11 May 2012 (USA)
Director: Derick Martini
Writers: Andrea Portes (screenplay), Andrea Portes (novel)
Stars: Chloë Grace Moretz, Blake Lively, Rory Culkin
Country: USA
Language: English


A young teenage girl escapes her life in Nebraska and her alcoholic parents, taking a pistol along for the ride. Along the way she meets Glenda, who takes her under her wing.


What a pleasure it was to watch miss Chloë Grace Moretz in this gritty film. She brought to life the character of “Luli” in a very realistic and oh so typical teenager kind of way. I enjoyed the way that the story telling was accentuated through “Luli’s” drawings, and the occasional spoken word. Derek Martini’s work here was impressive, and I was comforted in the way the ugly scenes were foretold. Andrea Portes book was somewhat more graphic. All the cast worked very well together, and it was cool to see Chloë and Alec Baldwin together again. My attention was held from the first frame to the very last. I hope they bring this out on Bluray, so I can enjoy the tale for years to come.


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