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henge movie poster

Henge (2012)


henge movie poster

Aka Metamorphosis

Runtime : 54 min
Genre : Horror
Release Date : 10 March 2012 (Japan)
Director: Hajime Ohata
Writer: Hajime Ohata
Stars:Kazunari Aizawa, Aki Morita and Teruhiko Nobukuni
Country : Japan

Movie Review

Woman discovers that her husband is turning into something other than human.

Keiko (Aki Morita) is an ordinary housewife. But her husband Yoshiaki (Kazunari Aizawa) is having a nightmarish seizure every night. He’s seems to be slowly beginning to lose his humanity. Not only that his body is also transforming into a monster.

Interesting low budget sci-fi movie. Husband is changing into a monster, but the wife continues to love him. Soon the authorities find out about Yoshiaki’s transformation, and tries to arrest him.

Good theme and development of the story. For the budget, the story was pretty respectable, and worth the watch.

A new kind of monster movie, that I hope more will be made in the future.

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