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Dated Released : 18 September 2009
Quality : VCD
Country : Indonesia
Director : Hanung Bramantyo
Starring : Nirina Zubir, Nino F, Aming S, Ringgo Agus R
Genre : Comedy

Resensi Film GET MARRIED 2

Starting from a wedding story Maemunah aka Mae (Nirina Zubir) with Rendy (Nino Fernandez), which has lasted for 4 years, but still not blessed with children. And three friends wedding Mae, Guntoro (Desta Club Eighties), Beni (Ringo Agus Rahman) and Emanuel (Aming) has been blessed with children. This is compounded by Rendy busy with his work, which makes Mae was not addressed.

Mae who want to celebrate the birthday of her marriage, making the party. Unfortunately Rendy could not even attend. Plus, see Rendy kissed cheeks Mae Vivian (Marissa Nasution). Seeing this, the angry Mae decided to go home to his parents’ house, Babe Mardi (Jaja Miharja) and Bu Mardi (Meriam Belina). Rendy was followed. But not that easy. Both parents Mae also agreed when they parted, except Rendy able to give offspring. That is the requirement of Mardi Babe. Rendy finally stay at home parents Mae.

Business to business conducted Rendy to be able to impregnate his wife. Start drinking herb, often holding the baby is done. But the result is still not visible. On the other hand, he again urged to have children, if not Rendy be divorced. Do not want to lose Mae, Rendy asking for help his mother (Ira Wibowo). Rather than successful, this effort will make my increasingly heated atmosphere, because his mother brought along a lawyer (Ruhut Sitompul).
Not unexpectedly, Mae finally pregnant. Knowing this, ask three friends Rendy Mae, et al Guntoro Mae married since worked at the company Rendy, to keep his wife 24 hours, because Babe Mardi prohibit met Rendy Mae. Silliness for silliness three companions happened. Start must meet the demands of the middle Mae cravings, replacing Mae for pregnancy exercise because Mae lazy, until midnight to come to the house just adjusted his pillow Mae Mae.


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