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Freeloaders movie poster

Freeloaders (2011)

Freeloaders movie poster

Freeloaders Movie

Runtime : 77 min
Genre : Comedy
Release Date : 2011 (USA)
Director: Dan Rosen
Writers: Dan Rosen, Dave Gibbs
Stars:Olivia Munn, Jane Seymour and Clifton Collins Jr.
Country : USA


A group of slackers who are living for free in a rock star’s mansion find their sweet lives threatened when the musician decides to sell his pad.

Movie Reviews

I love all BLs movies so I was looking forward to this since I first heard about it a couple of years ago, but I was surprised to see a rating of 1.6 on IMDb (gone up to 2.5 today).

Well if like me you were looking forward to BLs newest offering, prepare to be disappointed, it’s only produced by them and isn’t written by them, directed by them or starring them and it doesn’t have any of that BL flavour with the exception of the one scene that they are in.

Overall the movie isn’t too bad and it will kill an hour and a bit of your time, but that’s about it. The story is predictable with no real surprises and there’s no real laugh out loud moments.

The cast are all pretty good but there’s just not a whole lot for them to do. And if you’re an Olivia Munn fan, she’s only in it for about 2 minutes.

Maybe some people will like it more than me, although judging by the IMDb rating I wouldn’t bet on it, but overall the film just left me with a sense of ‘meh!’

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