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film doyok kadir

Film: Plin Plan aka Kanan Kiri OK IV

film doyok kadir
Release : 2000
Country : Indoneisa
Stars: Doyok, Kadir, Yurike Prastica, Chintami Atmanagara
Genre : Comedy, Adult

Synopsis Film

Kadir and Doyok would upset their wives, Yurike and Chintami, because like gossip. They then set up a strategy to make the wives learned my lesson. Unfortunately, that strategy even be a boomerang. Added chaotic situation when the old boyfriend Yurike, Mamik, came when Kadir was not there. To convince Mamik that he had been married, Yurike for help Doyok to pretend to be her husband. The demonstrative they entered the room together. At Kadir’s parents came from Madura and watch Doyok and Yurike enter room

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