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Country : India
Language : hindi
Director: Kundan Shah
Writers: Rajkumar Santoshi (screenplay), Rajkumar Santoshi (story)
Stars: Rekha, Preity Zinta and Mahima Chaudhry
Genres: Drama | Family | Romance


Percocious Shalu has determined that she is in need of employment, and does get one with Khanna Industries, with a fair amount of false information. She meets with the owner’s son, Dev Khanna, and thinks he is the driver, and treats him as such. Together they masquerade to help the poor farmers in the community, and both fall in love. An attempt is made to kill Dev by angry management employees, but Shalu’s sister, Nimmi, rescues Dev, and is herself injured in the process. Dev looks after her, and Nimmi thinks he is in love with her, as she is with him. Nimmi tells her mom, Sarita, about Dev, and Nimmi goes to see Dev’s dad and arrange their marriage, and it is then Sarita finds out that Shalu has been flirting with Dev. Shalu is told the truth about her birth, given an ultimatum by Sarita to stop flirting with Dev, to which Shalu agrees. The question is will Dev also fall in line, or will he marry Nimmi, as Shalu’s birth is questionable.




Movie Quality : Avi | 700Mb
Dil Hai Tumahara Part1
Dil Hai Tumahara Part2
Dil Hai Tumahara Part3
Dil Hai Tumahara Part4
Dil Hai Tumahara Part5
Dil Hai Tumahara Part6
Dil Hai Tumahara Part7
Dil Hai Tumahara Subtitle

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    @city–>still process

  3. Ada yang tau subtitle Dil Hai Tumhara ini yh?
    Bagi doonks..

  4. fdmovie says:

    We are sorry, No Subtitle Available

  5. Could you tell me, where can i got this subtitle?
    Please..INA or English..it doesn’t matter..

  6. fdmovie says:

    @Syafar alf Arselan–> OK, This is English Subtitle of DIL HAI TUMHAARA

  7. mulyana says:

    im canont donload this move pleae reupload this mve my brow

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    @mulyana–>Now Link Updated

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    File Part 2 dan part 6 ada problem nak extract… bleh re-upload file nie x

  10. fdmovie says:

    We thought your download not complete so if extract not success, Please Download Again!

  11. rengganis says:

    i can’t download this film

  12. guest says:

    part 2 and part 6 were corrupt, cannot extract them, although I already re-download.. :(

  13. fdmovie says:

    @rengganis–>Link Download still active, why you can’t download, please tell me more!

  14. fdmovie says:

    We are very sorry, we can’t fix this link

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    Gan, tolong upload di rapidshare ato idws dong… Please…

  16. fdmovie says:

    @Ridho –>Download Link have been updated with new links, Enjoy it!

  17. Junaidi says:

    maju trus dah buat ne web :D

    Perbanyak film Bollywood nya ya :D


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    thanks for your attention

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    Please Update, All Links was dead

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    Still search for new links

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