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dead space aftermatch poster



dead space aftermath poster

Dated Released : 25 January 2011
Quality : BRRip 720p x264
Country : USA
Runtime : 85 min
Starring : Ricardo Chavira, Yorgo Constantine, Curt C
Genre : Animation | Horror | Sci-Fi

Storyline Movie Dead Space Aftermath

The writing didn’t make any sense. The story had nothing to do with the original. By the plot of this one I’d be surprised that anyone on the crew of this movie saw the original movie.

In the Dead space – Downfall it was more a good vs. evil kind of theme, but in aftermath it just seemed like another poorly written 80’s space horror movie. There was no resolve, the properties of artifact were rewritten for this movie in a less entertaining, and less interesting way.

Whatever, I’m kinda cheesed that I wasted time watching this. I was hoping for some kind of cohesive connection between the two movies and I got nothing.

Storyline Movie Dead Space Aftermath Movie Trailer


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