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Dated Released : 2007
Production Co: Rapi Films
Director: Rako Prijanto
Writer: Titien Wattimena
Country : Indonesia
Starring : Indra Birowo, Rianti Cartwright, Tora Sudiro
Genre : Drama | Comedy


This film tells the story of football lunge band called “The Bandits”. A band in the late 80s that actually has great potential but was forced to be dissolved before it develops. The band had disbanded after their last gig ended with riots and chaos on the stage. Tragic incident was caused because the vocalist of the band Bonie (Darius Sinathrya) suddenly fainted on the stage before finishing the song mostly because of allegedly taking drugs. That’s why Bonie always branded as a source of dissolution of the band.

His efforts began with a try to see one by one former member of “The Bandits”, which already has a new profession. Damon (Tora Sudiro), the guitarist became a waitress at a bar dangdut. Gendro (Indra Birowo) drummer, now married but do not have a job, it works just eating and watching TV. Bule (Gary Isaac) bassist who has changed his way of life with an unusual way. Fourth Personila Soljah, keyboard player who was so surprised with the tremendous physical changes.

Managed to meet them one by one that does not mean the desire to realize the dream of her sister Asti has become easier. Asti should really be able to convince them to come back into the band “The Bandits” as they used to be and leave their lives today.

But when Asti succeeded completely reunite Damon, Gendro, Bule and Soljah new problems emerge. Facing Damon character must often be hard to make noise with it because of different opinions. They are also difficult to find a new vocalist Bonie same substitute equivalent quality. The absence of a leader figure in the band also creates problems of its own.

Coupled with the first occurrence of a triangle love relationship between them. Apparently as time went on Asti store taste like with Bule and it turns out Damon also like Asti.

Travel reshape “The Bandits” was dominated by a sense of love, friendship and respect for music. Did they come together?




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