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Curious George 2006 Movie Poster

Curious George (2006)

Curious George 2006 Movie Poster
Curious George (2006)
Runtime : 86 min
Genre : Animation | Adventure | Comedy
Movie Release : 10 February 2006 (USA)
Director: Matthew O’Callaghan
Writers: Ken Kaufman (screenplay), Ken Kaufman (story)
Stars: Will Ferrell, Drew Barrymore, Eugene Levy
Country: USA
Language: English


The man with the yellow hat named Ted Shackleford works at a natural history museum that’s fallen on hard times. The museum director’s son wants to turn it into a parking lot, but Ted offers to bring back a mysterious idol from Africa that’s guaranteed to pull in crowds. Unfortunately, the idol turns out to be three inches tall. But Ted accidentally brings back a lonely yet irrepressible monkey, soon dubbed George. They set off on a non-stop action, fun-filled journey through the wonders of the big city toward the warmth of true friendship.


My wife and I took our 9-year-old to see a sneak preview of “CG” over the weekend. Going into it, I had reservations–I loved the books and illustrations when I was younger, but I thought my son wouldn’t like it & that I would just zone out for 90 minutes. I WAS WRONG! The animation is very well done, probably more computerized than hand-drawn, George thankfully does NOT talk, and the characters are given enough depth & background to sustain a plot for a children’s film. The film takes some of the most memorable scenes from the original books & melds them in with the story about a search for a lost idol. The film’s humor is aimed squarely at kids & kids at heart. Unlike “Shrek,” there are no jokes that pass over kid’s heads to make the adults laugh–kids & adults alike were howling with laughter at the screening we saw, & my wife even teared up a little at one emotional point. The film has a bouncy background soundtrack made up of songs that sound like something Paul Simon would write. Thoroughly enjoyable, worth seeing, & nothing in it to offend anyone of any age.

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