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Dated Released : 30 July 2010
Quality : BRRip
Country: USA
Runtime : 3 min
Production Co : Warner Bros. Pictures
Genre : Animation | Short | Comedy | Family

Reviews Movie Coyote Falls

It is nice to see the Coyote and Roadrunner return to the screen with this 3-D CGI film. However, there are two serious problems with this worthwhile project. First, it was shown before a horrible full-length film which few would endure in order to see “Coyote Falls”! Currently, “Cats & Dogs 2” is in the IMDb’s Bottom 100 list–hardly an auspicious place to display this film! Second, at only about three minutes, it’s just too short–especially as the average non-CGI version of the duo was usually about 7-8 minutes. Still, it’s a nice START and I sure hope to see more in the future–more Looney Tunes shorts and hopefully a lot longer than 3 minutes! What I did see, however, was very good–much like the 1950s-60s version updated with state of the art modern animation.

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