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Come Worry with Us! (2013) Movie Poster

Come Worry with Us (2013)


Come Worry with Us! (2013) Movie Poster
Come Worry with Us! (2013)

Runtime: 81 min
Genre : Documentary | Family | Music
Movie Release : November 2013 (Canada)
Director: Helene Klodawsky
Writers: Helene Klodawsky, Helene Klodawsky
Stars: Thierry Amar, Efrim Menuck, Jessica Moss
Country: Canada | USA
Language: English


Violinist Jessica Moss and singer/guitarist Efrim Menuck are struggling to balance parenthood with making music in their internationally acclaimed Montreal-based band Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra. They are one of a growing number of bands to have accepted an infant (Efrim and Jessica’s son, Ezra) into their touring life. Making a living has never been more difficult for musicians: a downloading generation has shattered the economics of the music industry, and constant touring has become synonymous with economic survival. Touring with children is both costly and complicated, yet Jessica and Efrim, and fellow band mates Sophie Trudeau, Thierry Amar and Dave Payant, are determined to combine family life and being on the road with the band’s deep political commitment. As SMZ perseveres in making art and an honest living, we follow Jessica as she discovers the parallel path that mothers can find themselves on while attempting to pursue artistic endeavours along side their peers….

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