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Dated Released : 30 October 2008
Quality : DVDRip
Production Co: Indika Entertainment
Country: Indonesia
Language : Indonesian
Starring : Dr. Boyke, Nadila Ernesta, Hardi Fadhillah
Genre : Comedy


Vishnu (Hardi Fadhillah) is a student with the duty to make a documentary film-themed free sex. The main source, of course, is his friend who accomplished in terms of sex, namely Askar (Mike Muliadro) and Mario (Tody). Askar believes that his future wife must be a virgin, this is contrary to his habit and alternating current boyfriend, Askar middle of a relationship with a model named Wendy (Marissa Nasution). While Mario is also often have sex with her lover, Manda (Ratu Felisha) thinks the same and always supports Vishnu for having sex at age who have reached 23 years.

Finally, Mario and Wisnupun hold stakes. To prove that he is not gay, Mario challenged Vishnu to have sex in the next 30 days. And the reverse, Vishnu challenged to not have sex during it. All-terrain, ranging from a woman calls, massage parlors, and discotheques have been visited by Vishnu, but has not been successful. Vishnu slowly attracted by Lala (Nadilla Ernesta) who turns out to be brother Askar. Lala who do not know Askar friendship with Vishnu, met him at a supermarket. Askar with very protective of his younger brother because he wanted his brother to keep the sanctity of marriage arrived.




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