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Dated Released : 1982
Quality : VCDRip
Country : Indonesia
Language : Indonesian
Runtime : 75 minute
Starring : Dono, Kasino, Indro (warkop DKI)
Genre : Comedy


Chips is a comedy film that memplesetkan successful film series ever in Indonesia is the main star Eric Estrada. Silliness done by Dono, Kasino and Indro as the central figure is the main attraction for this film. The opening scene, which is a member of Casino Chips (How to Join the Great Social Problem Management) with a dashing uniform and cool the motor, the ball to help a child who fell rivers. Instead of seeking help, instead of falling into the river Casino. Meanwhile, despite Indro Chips will become a member but he is also in kerjai by the kids with the ball. Establishments warkop Indro third member of the most often unlucky with women’s issues, this time also with the drove Chipsnya tempted by a woman who was waiting for a bus towards the block M. Finally Dono bring together toward the Block M. But of course the basic silliness Dono was done, when you’re chatting with sexy girls, she was not aware of a car crashing into Derek, and carried to a disposal site wreckage.

Indro hired to handle the delinquency of a child named Tommy finally came home to cope with the naughtiness of justice has been taken. However Indro can not handle it because even behind the work on Indro Tomy, Indropun made no move. While It’s finally come to help Indro Casino, but is happening is not a casino to help, but come dikerjai by Tommy. Dony is usually difficult in women’s issues, this time closer to his fellow Chips (Sherly Marlinton). While it is fun to cuddle, without realizing that the car was stopped on its own and entered the river, finally had to berbasah Dono-basahan.

Suddenly the intercom Casino and Indro call for help capture the missing cat at the zoo. After sharing the task of finally Kasinolah assigned to help the woman. When looking for a lost cat with her owner, Casino mojok caught her boss who was under a tree with a woman who is covered with newspaper for fear of being caught. By reason ultimately seek Cricket Casino bosses told not to tell anyone. Casinos also given money. The words “cricket” was eventually used by the Casino as the words to be able to get the money from his boss. Knowing Casinos always make money 5 thousand by saying “Cricket” on his boss, eventually Indro and Dono Kasino also went along with said Cricket for to gain money like a casino when he met his boss. However, instead of money raised, obtained by Indro apeslah and Dono.



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