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A Dirty Carnival (2006) movie poster

A Dirty Carnival (2006)

Biyeolhan geori (2006) Runtime: 141 min Genre : Action | Crime | Thriller Movie Release : 15 June 2006 (South Korea) Director: Ha Yoo (as Ha Yu) Writer: Ha Yoo Stars: Chun Ho-jin, Nam Gung-Min, In-jae Heo Country: South Korea ...Read more »

The Dead the Damned and the Darkness (2014) movie poster

The Dead the Damned and the Darkness (2014)

The Dead the Damned and the Darkness (2014) Genre : Action | Horror | Thriller Movie Release : 7 October 2014 (USA) Director: Rene Perez Writers: Barry Massoni (script editor), Rene Perez Stars: Robert Tweten, Iren Levy, John J. Welsh ...Read more »

Max Payne (2008) movie poster

Max Payne (2008)

Max Payne (2008) Runtime: 100 min Genre : Action | Crime | Drama Movie Release : 22 October 2008 (Indonesia) Director: John Moore Writers: Beau Thorne (screenplay), Sam Lake (video game by Remedy Entertainment and 3-D Realms Entertainment) Stars: Mark ...Read more »

Crows Explode (2014) movie poster

Crows Explode (2014)

Crows Explode (2014) KurĂ´zu Explode (2014) Runtime : 129 min Genre: Action Movie Release : 12 April 2014 (Japan) Director: Toshiaki Toyoda Writer: Hiroshi Takahashi (manga) Stars: Elly, Motoki Fukami, Masahiro Higashide Country: Japan Language: Japanese >> Movie Reviews That ...Read more »

DOA: Dead or Alive (2006) movie poster

DOA: Dead or Alive (2006)

DOA: Dead or Alive (2006) Runtime: 87 min Genre : Action | Adventure Movie Release : 15 September 2006 (UK) Director: Corey Yuen (as Cory Yuen) Writers: J.F. Lawton (screenplay), Adam Gross (screenplay). Stars: Jaime Pressly, Devon Aoki, Sarah Carter ...Read more »

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