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Blast Vegas movie poster

Blast Vegas (2013)


Blast Vegas movie poster

Blast Vegas Movie

Genre: TV Movie| Action | Adventure | Thriller
Movie Release : 18 July 2013 (USA)
Writers:Joe D’Ambrosia (screenplay), Meyer Shwarzstein (story).
Stars:Frankie Muniz, Barry Bostwick, Michael Steger

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A crate from the “Cairo Museum” is car-jacked, but the sword inside the box manages to arrive at a Las Vegas casino, where it is put on display. There, college students gather to smoke, gamble, drink and have sex. The young men and women are very attractive, except for script-described “runt” Frankie Muniz (as Nelson). With less height and hair than his hunky buddies, Mr. Muniz is given almost no chance to get laid. However, Muniz meets his female equivalent – frumpy Maggie Castle (as Olive) – and the two are mutually attracted. She’s not unattractive, but assumes a frumpy posture…

After the jeweled sword is stolen by Muniz’ buddies, it “unleashes power like the world has never seen.” The sword is said to have originated in 1425 BC. It appears to be cursed – but how and why events occur may require a second viewing of “Blast Vegas” (if you dare). The characters have some ideas. Local “lounge lizard” singer Barry Bostwick (as Sal Rowinski) manages to keep up with the younger cast. A secondary romance holds promise for Michael Steger (as Oren) and Jillian Nelson (as Amber). Andrew Lawrence (as T.J.) knows how to trip over cables nicely. Chris Ridenhour’s music is good…

Most interesting is that, in this “special effects” movie, the best sequence does not depend on the effects at all. This scene occurs when Muniz and Ms. Castle are in an underground parking structure. There, they are assaulted by scruffy Steven Schub. Here, director Jack Perez and Mr. Schub inject all the tension and excitement that is missing from the rest of the artificially staged story. The scene is not connected to the movie, but it makes more sense – Schub is a working class man resentful of “rich kids” vacationing in Vegas. His ancestors probably carried stones used to build the Egyptian pyramids.

**** Blast Vegas (7/18/13) Jack Perez ~ Frankie Muniz, Maggie Castle, Barry Bostwick, Steven Schub


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