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Black Coal Thin Ice (2014) Movie Poster

Black Coal Thin Ice (2014)


Black Coal Thin Ice (2014) Movie Poster

Bai ri yan huo (2014)
Runtime: 106 min
Genre : Crime | Drama | Mystery
Movie Release : 21 March 2014 (China)
Director: Yi’nan Diao
Writer: Yi’nan Diao
Stars: Fan Liao, Lun Mei Gwei, Xuebing Wang
Country: China
Language: Mandarin


An ex cop and his ex partner decide to follow up on investigation of a series of murders that ended their careers and shamed them, when identical murders begin again.


Black Coal, Thin Ice is the kind of film that can only be felt, the charming point of the film is the indescribable feeling you get from the unique atmosphere. It’s a suspense film with sort of Film-Noir feeling, but the plot of the case actually is not so important. As I said, what matters is the feeling. Those empty street shots, environment background sounds, strange acts and even some dark humor tastes. It even looks like a Jia Zhangke’s film sometimes.(Well, Jia Zhangke’s name did appear in the thank list in the end credits.) Such feeling reached the top in the ending of the pyrotechnical in daytime, it not only reflect the title (The Chinese title is Bai ri yan huo, which means The Daylight Pyrotechnix.) but also release the depressed emotion and atmosphere. (The Uncut Version has very strange but interesting dark humor style scenes in the ending, but they are cut out in the Censored Mainland China Theatrical Version.)

The atmosphere in the film is nearly perfect, however the romance relationship between two characters is not believable at all. The whole film is based on that relationship, but it didn’t convince me. Without the reliable relationship, the rest of the film seems not make sense at all. So yeah, it’s a rare and unique film in Chinese cinema, it is well did in many aspects, but I don’t think it is qualified for Golden Berlin Bear.

My score: 7.5 for the Uncut Version, 7.3 for the Mainland China Censored Theatrical Version.

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