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Biohazard Patient Zero 2010 Movie Poster

Biohazard Patient Zero (2012)

Biohazard Patient Zero 2010 Movie Poster
Biohazard: Patient Zero (2012)
“Patient Zero” (original title)
Runtime: 70 min
Genre : Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Movie release : 25 September 2012 (USA)
Ratings: 4,7/10 from 556 users
Director: Brian T. Jaynes
Writer: Brian T. Jaynes
Stars: Brandon Slagle, Amanda Phillips, Van Quattro
Country: USA
Language: English


Two young scientists are swept up in a government plot to suppress the truth about a biological disaster at a genetic research facility.


We’ve seen it before. Scientists creates virus. Virus creates zombies. Zombies create chaos. However normally the story isn’t told with this much precision and in such a tight little package. After a brisk beginning, we slow down for a bit (but not to a halt) for some nice levity and character development, but as soon as the facility is “locked down” and the tactical team shows up for quarantine, the ride begins.

Good performances all around, especially from Slagle and Quattro, and some fun sequences that will keep you on the edge of your seat and hugging the nearest pillow. Recommended.

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