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Artificial Paradises 2012 Movie Poster

Artificial Paradises (2012)


Artificial Paradises 2012 Movie Poster
Paraísos Artificiais (2012)
Runtime: 96 min
Genre : Drama
Movie Release : 4 May 2012 (Brazil)
Director: Marcos Prado
Writers: Pablo Padilla, Cristiano Gualda
Stars: Nathalia Dill, Luca Bianchi, Lívia de Bueno
Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese


Two girlfriends visit a big Brazilian beach festival and decide to just let go. They enjoy the music, booze, drugs and on one steamy afternoon even each other. They also meet a young man and things can’t be better. Can this paradise last?


To preface – I originally had no intention of watching this film due to the relatively poor Reviews found on this site, as well as what I thought would be a shallow story about sex, drugs, and raves. It was pretty random that I ended up seeing this, and when I started the movie I wasn’t expecting to watch much more than 5 minutes of it.

Fortunately, I sat through to the end and am very glad I did. The artfully told story and solid acting kept me hooked, though some of the scenes were admittedly a little stretched out. The story is split into three time periods of the character’s lives, switching back and forth throughout the movie. As the viewer, you begin to piece together the story and relationships, and make sense of earlier scenes until you have a full picture at the end, which will stick with you for days.

This is not at all the shallow movie I was expecting. Instead, it was a gripping story about love and drugs – how they shape relationships – and a deeper look into artificial paradises. Solid acting, multi-dimensional characters and great cinematography all add to the viewing experience. This is a great addition to Brazilian Cinema which I will add to my favorites along with Tropa de Elite I&II, Cidade de Deus, and Central do Brasil. I strongly recommend it.

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