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aridan beronding poster


aridan beronding poster

Dated Released : 18 February 2010
Director: Helfi C.H. Kardit
Company : Maxima Pictures
Starring : Bella Saphira, Randi Fadillah, Heather Storm
Country :Asia (Indonesia )
Quality : DVDRip
Genre : Comedy


Resensi Film

Social gathering for women is not unusual anymore. Especially in the cities of the metropolis, when the husbands were working, the wife was busy looking for activities, one of which is Arisan. But not the usual social gathering that undertaken by Lolita and friends sosialitanya, but the fight foregoing social gathering every month.

Beginning with Misye (Andi Soraya) that showcased his new foregoing, Lolita (Bella Saphira) who feel pride finally took the initiative to hold a social gathering foregoing. He also invites Lolita, Jeng Uut and Anis to find the foregoing that will be contested in the social gathering. Apparently seeking foregoing having the best quality is not easy.

Meanwhile, Rian (Ferly Son) was struggling because it has a rich kid’s girlfriend, Tika (Navy Rizki Tavania). Rian tried to compensate Tika with casual work as an introduction gallon. Until finally, Rian was accidentally set fire to a boutique owned by Lolita. For Lolita, Rian is a complete package, and the body looks okay, plus Rian innocence. No need to think again, Lolita did for Rian for blackmail would be foregoing being contested in their social gathering. With the threat will be reported to the police if Rian reject it, then Rian was not just a social gathering foregoing in Lolita. Scramble Rian also becoming exciting for the coming of Heidi (Heather Storm) from California Western and Japanese Nana who had connections with the Yakuza.

So fight rich auntie-auntie Rian make appearances, too, changed. Kos Rian’s friends were suspicious. Old-old also revealed that Rian foregoing auntie-auntie so rich. But Good (Hardi Fadhillah) and Jaja (Farish Nahdi), friends Rian, do not look down instead they both wanted to follow in the footsteps Rian. Moreover, at the age of 25, never managed to get good girls age. Medium Jaja childhood has suffered from the Oedipus complex.

Foregoing the dream that has everything so it was not easy for Rian, Good and Jaja which is still undergoing new ‘profession’ is. Plus they must serve the interests of the aunt-aunt who is mixed. Rian was still hoping to do with Tika, although her boyfriend had started to suspect the strange behavior of Rian.




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