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18++ Forever Love movie poster

18++ Forever Love (2012)

18++ Forever Love movie poster

18++ Forever Love Movie

Release Date: 12 Juli 2012
Genre: Drama
Cast: Adipati Dolken, Kimberly Ryder, Gege Elisa, Roy Marten, Keke Soeryo Renaldi
Country : Indonesia


When Kara (Duke dolken) at the age of 18 he hoped the promise of a gift from grandpa’s medication (Roy Marten). Turns out it was not a gift of money, car or opportunities around the world, but it is self-reliance. At the age of 18, Kara must lose everything. All facilities, wealth and chances are, the friends who socialite.

Kara was forced to return to Jakarta, the plan he wanted to reclaim opa, what has to be right. However, after engaging in a fight that led to unconsciousness Kara, Kara was rescued by a girl, Mila (Kimberly Ryder) who brought Kara to go home. Kara thought only of the poor majority, Mila family, Mrs. Mila (Keke Soeryo Renaldi) and Sasi (Reska Tania), sister Mila, Kara accommodate their modest home.

Kara used to live in ease any shock to the new conditions. but after a long time Kara was challenged to “be given” to the family of “new”, with started working odd jobs. Kara relationship with Mila and her family closer. Apparently the companions discover Kara Kara Kara and want to bring to life the first full hura-hura.

Mila Kara was caught drunk with friends, Kara immediately expel from the house and his life. Kara began to realize that life has always been incompatible with his heart. He wanted to go back to Mila, Mila but always refused. Without Kara know, it turns out Mila also has a big secret about her past.

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